Who accepts evaluations completed by GCE?

  • GCE, Inc. suggests checking with the admitting institution or entity to determine if a GCE, Inc. report is accepted.

Have you received my application?

    • Applying online: log in to account and check for a reference number. Once one is assigned, application is being processed

May I hand-deliver my materials to your office?

  • GCE, Inc. does not have walk-in business.
  • GCE, Inc. conducts business by mail, FAX, or online.

Can you translate my documents?

Will you accept my own translation of my educational documents?

  • No, GCE, Inc. requires translations issued by
    • an ATA Certified translator
    • the issuing university

What kind of evaluation do I need and what does it cost?

  • Please refer to our Services page for specifics.

What does a report contain?

  • Please refer to our Services page for specifics.

How long does it take to get a report?

  • Regular service: approximately 15-20 business days
  • Rush service: 3 and 5 business days at additional cost
  • This does NOT include mailing time
  • Business days are Monday through Friday, not including posted holidays
  • Need a report by a certain date – use rush service. 15 – 20 business day turnaround time is NOT GUARANTEED!

Do you evaluate documents of high school students?

  • Yes

Do you evaluate all higher education as equivalent to a U.S. degree or graduate degree?

  • No

Can you evaluate my medical degree?

  • Contact the state board to confirm a GCE, Inc. report is acceptable and what type of report is required.

What type of report is needed for the Certified Public Accountancy (CPA) boards?

  • Contact the state board to confirm a GCE report is acceptable and what type of report is required.

What should I do if I have questions or concerns about my report?

  • Review requests must be submitted via email or letter within 90 days of receiving the report.
  • After 90 days, a fee must be paid to re-open the file.
  •   Review is based on the documents you submitted with your original applicaiton.

What if I need to add documents to my completed report?

  • You must submit a new application with the full fee.

What if I want information removed from my report?

  • No information will be deleted from a completed report.

Can you fax or e-mail me my report?

  • For an additional fee (see Services).
  • Report is UNOFFICIAL and may not be accepted by the receiving institution/entity.

May I get additional reports later?

  • Reports may be ordered up to three years after date of completion; in effect December 1, 2015  (see Additional Copy Request under Services).

Do you evaluate education from Caribbean medical schools?

Will you contact me if documents are missing?

  • No.

What are the processing times for rush services?

  • ALL of the following must be received before noon CST to be processed the same day.
    • Fee
    • Application
    • All documents
  • Any received after noon CST – the application is processed the following business day.
  • Business days are Monday through Friday, not including posted holidays.


3 Business Day Rush  – All requirements received PRIOR to noon. on Monday

  • Processed Monday
  • Mailed Wednesday

5 Business Day Rush – All requirements received PRIOR to noon Monday

  • Processed Monday
  • Mailed Friday

Can you cancel my application and refund my fee?

  • Once an application is submitted there are no refunds.
  • EXCEPT rush fee minus mailing when the report cannot be completed due to
    further research

I want all my documents on  separate reports

  • All documents submitted for evaluation will be included on one report.  Any documents submitted after completion will be added to the previous valid report.  GCE will  NOT issue separate reports.

Can I order a copy of my Previous evaluation?

    • When report is revised, any previous reports become null and void. Only copies of the most recent report are available.